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Do you want to successfully lead your company into the age of Artificial Intelligence?’s state-of-the-art Machine Learning expertise is your advantage in establishing a strong technological foundation for your enterprise. Our experts are available for you globally and locally to strengthen your competitive advantage in this new era of computing.

We accompany you all the way: from the high-level outline of your AI strategy to the implementation in your company. Together with your domain expertise we come to solutions that work for you.

You don’t know how to use AI in your business? Perfect 👍 Get in touch with us and we’ll find the most promising use cases that help you and your business stay competitive in these fast changing times.

Already have an idea but don’t know how to get started or want to talk to an expert? Wonderful. We’re here to assist: Let’s implement a challenging AI project together.



Consulting & Training

We help you with the following challenges:

  • How do I lead my company into the AI era?
  • How do I implement my AI ideas?
  • Where can I find an experienced partner?
  • Who can consult me independently on the topic of AI?
  • How do I provide broad AI training to my workforce?


Engineering & Model-Training

Our expertise in Neural Networks and Machine Learning helps you get better results faster.

  • Development, Training and Fine-Tuning of of AI architectures and models (Software 2.0).
  • Integration of AI into your existing IT landscape.
  • Software Architecture and Software Engineering close-knit with AI.


Industry 4.0 / Edge Deployment

We assist you in AI edge deployments:

  • Mobile, smart devices and IoT: We got you covered. Deploy your neural networks on the edge and profit from our expertise in mobile and edge deployments.
  • Whether Nvidia, Intel or Google: We’re tracking the latest hardware developments and work with the highest performance edge devices on the market.



Get in touch now and start your AI journey with us!