Website visitor prediction

Using AI to predict website visitor journeys.

Team in collaboration with a German software development company

We were approached by a German software development company to develop a customer journey prediction AI for a Southern German automotive company. The end customer was interested in how well a modern AI system could predict the next website a user would visit based on their browsing history. We used a dataset of millions of past website visits to train a modern language model.

AI Prediction Improvements over baseline.

Project Details

Industry: Automotive
Time Frame: 2023
Technologies / Products used:

  • Apple MPS acceleration for Neural Network Training
  •, PyTorch and Pandas frameworks
  • Google Cloud Firebase for cloud model deployment
  • REST API for UI - Backend Interface
  • Jupyter Notebooks for fast and agile model development and training

    ["car-configurator.select_motorization", "models", ""], 
    "time": 92}
Sample API response.