AI Pistachio Inspection

AI that can weed out closed pistachios.


In March 2019 a I was interested in answering the following question: Can the number of hard to open pistachios per package be significantly reduced? Currently there are about 5 - 10% of closed or almost closed pistachios that end up getting shipped to customers. Can these be filtered out?

My results using Deep Learning were pretty impressive: We quickly achieved 100% classification accuracy to the great satisfaction of our customer.

Easy to open (good) and hard to open (bad) pistachio dataset.

Project Details

Industry: Food (Fruits and Vegetables)
Product: Packaged Salted Pistachios
Time Frame: March - April, 2019
Products / Technologies:

  • Nvidia GeForce® GTX 1070 GPU
  • Python, PyTorch and Deep Learning framework